Below please find a short description of each of my portfolio companies. Click on the logo for a link to the webside of the Company.




Opeepl ApS offers instant customer insights. Guaranteed response in 1 (one) hour.


Sealand Natural Resources Inc., (SLNR) is a research and new product development company that manufactures, markets and sells new age functional beverages including SealandBirk™



Mental Workout Inc. is bringing the power of mobile technology and the world of psychology together to improve people’s lives.





Volt ApS is a company focused on delivering the best possible Mobile Recharging experience for smartphones at festivals and similar events.




Infotrust A/S is an international Business Intelligence Consultancy Company delivering solutions based on market leading technologies from SAP BusinessObjects and Sybase.






Newsio is an Employee Advocacy and Thought Leadership platform that helps you engage your employees in social media.







Baltic Virtual Assistants UAB offers virtual assistants services and remote support for cloud based administrative systems.





Flextown ApS has developed Flier, a software platform that allows anyone in business networks to share their own contacts and the contacts of network members.


VoiceBoxer is a multilingual web platform for presentations and webinars that lets you reach your audience in any language.





Gravity4 is the World’s First High-Frequency Marketing OS built to disrupt the advertising and SaaS industries. It unites an experience by allowing marketers to target a customer thoughout their entire purchase journey and across all consumer touch-pints.