The Birch Project

I have long been interested in the potential of birch sap as a natural, organic and refreshing drink.

The curative properties of birch sap were referred to already by Baron Pierre-François Percy, the army surgeon and inspector general to Napoleon. His observation was as follows:

"Throughout the whole of northern Europe... birch water is the hope, the blessing, and the panacea of rich and poor, master and peasant alike. It almost unfailingly cures skin conditions such as pimples, scurf, acne, etc., it is an invaluable remedy for rheumatic diseases, the after-effects of gout, bladder obstructions, and countless chronic ills against which medical science is so prone to fail."

With this in mind I aquired the URL and had the curled birch leaf logo designed.


In the autumn of 2013 I have invested in Sealand Natural Ressource Inc.


Birchstream ZUB has been established in Lithuania, and has aquired 190 ha. of land, of which approximately 30 ha. is birch forrest.


Birchstream ZUB has been certified as an organic birch sap producer during spring of 2015.


During spring of 2016, more than 18 tons Eco certified birch sap has been harvested, pasteurized and sold to Denmark.